We at Magcore

A saga of excellence that began in 1987, Magcore Lamination India Pvt. Ltd was first conceived as Nagachandra Plasto Metals. With a single-minded focus on delivering quality at the most affordable price to customers, the enterprise began its foray into the manufacture of electrical stamping's, lamination's and aluminum die casting for a wide range of electrical motors, fans, pumps, chokes and transformer for hydro, wind mill and infrastructure initiatives.

The company also manufactures electrical motor stamping, electrical motor lamination, generator lamination, pump motor lamination, traction motor lamination, electrical stamping, electrical lamination for applications like mixers, hair dryers, table fans and alternators. Magcore technicians, engineers and sales personnel work closely with customers to optimize processes and designs.

Experts in Stamping's, Diecast Rotors & Lamination's