Input Material

CRNO silicon steels for laminations and stampings in various thickness, grade and size is being procured from domestic and international mills such as SAIL, TKES, and POSCO Mills. High purity Aluminium EC grade ingots being procured from domestic suppliers All Raw materials under gone through inward inspections and validated at our Material testing labs before their usage

Material Cutting & Slitting

We have the In-house facility for slitting coils from 35mm -1300mm in width and with a thickness of minimum 0.27 mm up to 2mm with close tolerances .Shearing facilities is available for up to 3mm thick coils /sheets and 2 meters in width.

Tool Room

Tool manufacturing and maintenance is being done in house only with few out sourcing process. Camut grinding machine is used for re-sharpening tools up to 3000mm length and width of 1000mm with lot of accuracy.

Press Shop

This line has full-fledged with conventional press machinery up to 350 tons capacity. With advanced servo feeder mechanism they can produce diameters up to 1200 mm in single blow blanking. In gang slotting operation stampings can be produced up to 800 mm diameter in a single blow. In segmental stampings domain they can be produced up to 1200 mm size These Stampings are used in various AC/DC, Traction motors, Wind Generators, Alternators, Home Appliances like Fans, Mixers, compressors, Hand dryers ,Air coolers and various other rotating machines. E & I and cut core laminations being manufacturing for total range of transformers applications with conventional and progressive tools.

High Speed Press Shop Line

In high speed line high speed presses ranging up to 350 Ton have been installed for high production rate using progressive tools. The HD350 Ton high speed press is a state of the art machine from INGYU with 400 SPM where in Stampings are produced by using progressive tools with self stitching and skewing facility.

Notching Shop Line

The installation of various notching machines up to 16 Ton with programming facility has made the work easier .Stampings up to 1300 mm diameter can be produced with skip notching facility and skewed stampings for special applications. The notching machines installed are servo driven wherein the accuracies are much better as compared to the gear driven machines.

Cleating and Welding Process

Stator stacks can be cleated up to core length of 1200mm and 1000mm in diameter with roller fixture facility on our hydraulic press up to 250 tons capacity. We offer core buildings with TIG and MIG welding process as per our clients welding specifications .

Rotor Die casting Process

Die casting of rotors facility is available in both Vertical and horizontal machinery with Aluminium, LM series(Aluminium alloy) and copper materials . On vertical 375 Ton die casting machine rotors can be die casted up to 450mm diameter in the length up to 800mm. 75 ton vertical die casting machine has been installed for smaller size rotors. Multi cavity horizontal die casting machine available for tiny sizes of rotors which are being used in electrical and auto segments.